Social Fabric: Art and Activism in Contemporary Brazil

Artists reflect on the history of oppressive power structures in Brazil in this exhibit at the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Documenta 15 ends with strong turnout despite controversy

Although troubled by allegations of anti-Semitism, 738,000 people attended, a modest drop of 17% from the previous, pre-pandemic edition.

The fake art industry is booming online

From pages of exhibition catalogs marketed as original prints to “authorized” fake copies of Harings and Warhols, we live in the golden age of art piracy.

Visible from above, a bold new installation signals that art is part of everyday life in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The seductive music of James Joyce's Ulysses

Ultimately, the legacy of the classic modernist novel may lie in how carefully and scrupulously it focuses on the music of hesitant, chaotic, and open city lives.

The hidden poetry of everyday life

More than 100 modest, intimate-scale artworks in Still Life and the Poetry of Place offer a glimpse into interiors, both humble and opulent.

Come study in the MFA and MA programs at the University at Buffalo

Funding options at UB include full scholarships for MFA students, the Arthur A. Schomburg Scholarship Program, and additional opportunities for MA students.

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Victoria Lomasko is a Russian political artist who was based in Moscow until March 2022. Her book Other Russias, a collection of “graphic reporting”, has been published in six countries. A… More by Victoria Lomasko